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Three New UK Immigration Routes under Budget 2021

UK Immigration Routes

Under the United Kingdom’s autumn budget and spending review for 2021 that was presented to the House of Commons. The UK government proposed budget focuses on boosting jobs, competitiveness, and innovation for highly skilled migration to attract and preserve internal investment in the UK. It referenced three new visa routes launching in the spring of 2022. These are as follows: 

  • Global Business Mobility
  • Scale-up
  • High Potential Individual

The aforementioned routes are referenced in July 2021 in the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s UK Innovation Strategy in July 2021.

Global Business Mobility 

The global business mobility route is a revised route to help overseas businesses secure their presence in the UK or transfer their staff to existing branches in the UK. This visa will also accommodate the assignment of workers abroad to UK businesses with whom they have high-value contracts or investments. In short, this visa will grant easy access to send employees and graduate trainees to the UK for an overseas company. 

So far, the Home Office has introduced new subcategories for the global business mobility, namely:

  • Senior or specialist worker
  • Graduate trainee
  • UK expansion worker
  • Secondment worker
  • Service Supplier

All roles require sponsorship and an appropriate skill level as requirements.

Scale-up Route 

The Scale-up Route will allow qualifying, fast-growing businesses to hire high-skilled overseas workers through a fast-track verification process.  It is part of the government’s attempt to attract capable professionals to the UK. 

A scale-up applicant must demonstrate annual average revenue or employment growth rate over 3 years greater than 20%. Along with a minimum of 10 employees at the start of these three years.

The visa will be open to applicants proficient in the English language and those that have a high-skilled job offer from an eligible business (a scale-up) with a salary of at least £33,000 (higher than the £25,600 which ordinarily applies to Skilled Workers).

The UK government will monitor whether scale-ups can demonstrate an expectation of strong growth in future years following a review. Scale-Up visa individuals will be able to extend their visa and settle in the UK, granted they meet specific requirements – which will be released in 2022.

High Potential Individual Route

Simply put, this new route offers “high potential individuals” to enter the UK without a job offer. The eligibility criteria include applicants that have graduated from a “top global university.” As of now, the list of universities is yet to be published. It is also unclear whether graduates will be limited to particular subject areas such as STEM subjects. 

This visa route will allow eligible foreign nationals to switch jobs or employers with ease and provide flexibility in work. It will also allow individuals to extend their visas and settle in the UK, depending on meeting specific requirements.

Even though this is an unsponsored visa route, a business may still require a sponsor license as most overseas employees fall under the category of “skilled migrant workers.” We advise that employers seek advice from business immigration solicitors where unsure.

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