Medical Negligence 

Medical negligence is a personal injury that has grave long term effects. Having dealt with countless personal injury cases, Royce Legal Solicitors are experienced and will take the time to understand your situation and help you claim the right compensation. 

What Is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is imparted by medical professionals unintentionally, (due to a mistake or failure in caretaking) leading to an injury or aggravating an existing condition. Medical negligence can happen due to mistakes in surgery, incorrect treatment or misdiagnosis. 

How to Make a Medical Negligence Claim?

Your first thought should be of seeking legal advice and guidance immediately. Royce Legal offers a free consultation initially, in which we ensure whether your case qualifies to file for a claim compensation. Immediate contact with us provides us with ample time to work with you while details are fresh. In the case that NHS or private healthcare provider admits responsibility early, our team of solicitors will be able to get you “interim compensation payments” that will aid in your rehabilitation. These payments are made before your final compensation settlement and can help with medical costs and daily living expenses. 

The Time Limit for a Medical Negligence Claim?

Medical injury claims need to be applied within three years from the date you are made aware of your negligent treatment. Nonetheless, the following exceptions apply:

  1. Mental Capacity of the injured individual: if they cannot make the claim themselves, there is no time limit.
  2. Children: claims can be filed any time before the child turns 18. Once 18, the three-year limit comes into effect. 

How Long Can A Medical Negligence Claim Take?

The duration of your case depends on two factors: 

  • The severity of your medical negligence injury.
  • The NHS or private healthcare provider accepts responsibility for your injury.

We always aim to settle these cases in months but certain cases can take a few years. 

To summarise, personal injury compensation claims are a specialised area of the law, so it makes sense to hire solicitors who have extensive experience and a track record of successful personal injury compensation claims. Royce legal solicitors provide advisors that you can talk to with ease and trust. Contact us at 01706 655 592 for a free initial consultation.