Partner Visa

With a British national as your partner, you may be eligible for a visa allowing you to stay in the UK for 2.5 years. Following its expiration, you can apply for an extension of further 2.5 years, granted you meet the visa requirements. If you are still eligible at the end of this duration, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Partners include spouses (husband or wife), civil partners and unmarried partners. We have covered Married partners under the spouse and family visa. Please visit that mage for further information. 

Unmarried Partner Visas

The Eligibility Requirements for Unmarried Partner Visa

To apply for this visa, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Your sponsoring partner and you must be over the age of 18.
  • You must live with your partner or intend to live with them permanently. 
  • Provide proof that previous relationships you or your partner were involved in have ended.
  • You must show that your relationship is “genuine and subsisting” and you have been living with your partner for the last years in a relationship similar to a marriage – this requires documentary evidence. 
  • You and your unmarried partner must have enough funds to support yourselves without aid from public funds. 
  • Your sponsoring partner should earn at least £18,600 on a yearly basis. Or have enough funds to sponsor you and your children if need be (this requirement will increase if children are involved).
  • You must have a place to reside for you, your partner and your children.
  • You must be able to communicate, read and understand the English Language. 

Evidence for a ‘genuine and subsisting” relationship

The following evidence will be required of you and your partner:

  • You are in a long term relationship with each other. 
  • You wish to live together and have plans to do that in the UK
  • You share financial and parental responsibilities for your children and yourselves. 

Providing evidence for your relationship with regulatory authorities is a frustrating task. We at Royce Legal understand that very well and therefore recommend our highly experienced immigration lawyers. Immigration law in itself is a little complex, and we will clarify any parts of the application process that are unclear along with your eligibility and how you can prove your relationship status as “genuine and subsisting.”

Fiancé (e) or proposed civil partner visa

If you are coming to the UK to get married, you can apply for a fiancé (e) or proposed civil partner visa. It is to be applied from outside of the UK. You must be granted the visa before travelling to the UK to get registered or married to your civil partner. 

If you and your partner (proposed) are already in the UK


If you are lawfully living in the UK but subject to immigration controls, you must give the notice to marry or register your civil partnership at a designated office with the registrar. One of our immigration team solicitors will advise you on how this can be done.

Can I get Legal Aid?

Legal Aid is available in very restricted circumstances. It is dependent on the facts of your specific case. Royce Legal’s immigration solicitors will advise you on how your case can be funded. Rest assured, we will let you know all your options and the best solution for your issue.