Slips, Trips & Falls

Personal injuries under slips, trips and falls are common in work and public places. These accidents can be fatal but are oftentimes categorised as head and back injuries, fractures and in the worst case possible, paralysis. 

These claims are tricky to file as there is often a lack of presentable and tangible evidence. Likewise, a claim for compensation in public places like a street makes it hard as there isn’t anyone to make a claim against.

Where do most slips, trips, and falls occur?

The most common places are work, streets and shops and supermarkets. Slips occur when surfaces are still wet or slippery surfaces in general. 

In workplaces, negligence can be blamed, especially if the floor is wet, improperly cleaned or dried or due to the absence of appropriate signs to indicate that the floor is wet and liable to make you slip. Companies are held accountable for such accidents as required safety procedures were not being followed. 

In public places like streets, cases of slips and falls are due to weather conditions. As mentioned before, filing a claim tends to be tricky as the council isn’t held directly responsible for the fall.  In public places like supermarkets, hospitals and schools; claims can be filed against the premises.

Expected compensation for a slip, trip, or fall?

As with all personal injury claims, the compensation is awarded taking the injuries and circumstances. Royce Legal’s Solicitors will take into account if you’ve had to take days off due to your fall, the expenses for the injury (including home and vehicle adaptations). All of these aspects are taken in stride when filing for a claim. 

How to Claim a Slip, Trip or Fall Compensation?

If you have slipped, tripped or fallen, immediately make note of information that can be useful to your claim. Taking a photo of the area with a complete address or nearest landmark, in sight is one such way. Likewise, if you manage to have eyewitnesses, please take note of their personal details. These claims can be difficult to file but with the right solicitor at your service, the likelihood for your compensation can increase positively. Any useful information you can obtain is helpful but please do not put your well-being on the line for it.  If the cause of your accident was beyond your control, you can still be compensated for the personal damages suffered. 

After medical attention, we advise you to seek legal counsel to represent your claim. Royce Legal Solicitors have handled various such complex cases and are well versed in personal injury claim procedures.