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Ukrainians Will Be Granted Visa Concessions, According To Home Secretary

Ukrainians in the UK can now have their visas temporarily extended or switch to a different visa route as a result of the changes.

February 24th, Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed that Ukrainians in the UK on work, study, or visit visas will have their visas temporarily extended or be able to switch to a different visa route.

The following changes have been announced for Ukrainian nationals in the United Kingdom:

  • Ukrainian nationals who are currently on a points-based system route in the UK can extend their stay.
  • Ukrainian nationals with an existing visitor visa can switch to a points-based system immigration route without leaving the UK in exceptional circumstances.
  • Ukrainian nationals on a visitor visa can apply for additional leave under the family route without having to meet the immigration status requirement, as long as they meet the requirements for leave based on exceptional circumstances.
  • Ukrainian nationals with a valid seasonal worker visa in the UK will have their stay extended until December 31, 2022.
  • Ukrainian nationals working in temporary HGV/pork butcher jobs in the UK will have their visas extended until December 31, 2022, and will be eligible to apply for the skilled worker route.

People with valid visas in the UK are eligible for these privileges.

All visa routes are constantly being reviewed, and any changes to the policy will not endanger border security. All other visa services in Ukraine, however, have been discontinued.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine amid this unprovoked and anti-democratic act of Russian aggression,” Home Secretary Priti Patel said in response to the latest visa concessions.

“I have ordered immediate changes to our visa policy to provide certainty to our Ukrainian friends and colleagues who live, work, and study in the United Kingdom.”

The Home Secretary ordered a package of measures to assist British citizens and their families in Ukraine. It included:

  • Waiving application fees for those eligible under the Family Migration route for a limited time.
  • Allowing entry for those who did not meet the requirements for a year, and 
  • Expediting visas through a 24/7 helpline.

Dependents of British nationals living in Ukraine can apply for a UK visa at the new, temporary location in Lviv or a Visa Application Centre in one of the neighbouring countries, such as Poland, Moldova, Romania, or Hungary.

The priority of the Home Office remains to assist British nationals and their families who wish to leave Ukraine, and UKVI is processing visa applications around the clock.

Her Majesty’s Passport Service is prioritising British nationals in Ukraine who require a passport, and it is collaborating with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to ensure that those who require emergency travel documents receive them as soon as possible.

The flexible and adaptable visa system in the United Kingdom enables these proportional changes to be implemented quickly while ensuring that appropriate security checks are in place.

Visas for Family Migration

If you’re a family member of a British national who lives in Ukraine, you can apply for a family migration visa for free. One of the following British nationals must be a member of your family:

  • a civil partner or spouse
  • a partner who is not married (you must have been living together in a relationship for at least two years)
  • parents with a child or children under the age of 18 
  • if you yourself are under the age of 18 
  • an adult relative who lives with you due to a medical condition for whom you provide care

Before applying, you should contact UKVI. Their lines are open 24/7. You can also consult one of our immigration lawyers at 01706 655 592, and we will be happy to walk you through the entire process. 

You will have to provide details about yourself and your family, as well as contact information that will be shared with UKVI.

Granted the concessions are in place to aid Ukrainians, the UKVI will still confirm your eligibility for a family migration visa and provide information on how to apply for it for free.

Some people may not meet the eligibility requirements, such as the English language requirement or the minimum income requirement. If these requirements are not met in the current circumstances an alternative grant of leave to enter the UK will be considered.

For more information on immigration visas, contact Royce Legal Solicitors at 01706 655 592 or request a callback and a member from our team will get in touch with you. 

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