Selling Your Property

Selling your property is a completely different experience from buying. It is a tad complex. But with the right solicitor, it can be smooth and stress-free. Royce Legal Solicitors have the expertise to guide you through the process every step of the way. Selling a property involves lots of legal work – all these obligations should be met, especially your mortgage. 

As a leading firm in this field, we ensure that our clients make successful property sales. Contact us now at 01706 655 592 for a free initial consultation.

The process of selling your property

To sell your property, you need to market it for sale. Most often, estate agents available in your area will do that for you. Legal work is done for transactions and begins once an offer has been accepted. 

Once the property is sold, your solicitor will send a contract and copies of the property title deeds to whoever is acting on the buyers’ behalf. As a seller, you will be expected to complete property information forms that ask for details of the property and confirmation of fixtures, contents and fittings included in the sale price. 

As a seller, you will be asked property-specific questions by the buyer’s representative. Once the buyer confirms to proceed, a completion date is set up. 

On this date, the mortgage on the property is paid off, the seller’s belongings are removed, and the keys are handed over to the buyer. The proceeds of the sale after expenses are paid, is handed over to the seller. 

How long will it take to sell a house/property?

Generally, it takes four to six weeks from the date of submission of the contract. But this can vary depending on the type of transaction and whether there is a chain of links. 

Selling a property is not just waiting for an acceptable offer, you also need to take the conveyancing process in stride once the offer is accepted. There are certain factors involved in how long sales take:

  • The current state of the housing market in your area, i.e. the demand to buy houses like yours. 
  • Involvement of a buying chain and how long it is
  • The length of time required for conveyancing once your solicitor has been instructed. Conveyancing can take eight to twelve weeks approximately. Again, this time frame can vary depending on the complex circumstances surrounding the property, or delays due to the third party.

Will I need a solicitor to sell a house/property?

To handle the legal side of the transaction it is recommended that you hire a conveyancing solicitor. It is a complex process and can result in grave consequences if not performed correctly. Transactions between the buyers and sellers representatives require conveyancing solicitors for a smooth deal without any hindrances or issues.  Your conveyancing solicitor will make communication easy, speeding up the entire process for you with less stress on your part.

How much are the solicitor’s fees for selling a house/property?

The mean cost for a solicitor is £750 – £1,500 for selling only, but this can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the location and value of your home. At best, your solicitor will be able to provide a tailored conveyancing quote. Contact Royce Legal at (insert number) for a tailored conveyance quote for selling your property.

When should I pay solicitors fees when selling a house/property?

Legal fees for selling your property are due upon completion of the sale. Small payments are involved at various steps of the conveyance process. These include:

  • payment for money laundering checks on the buyers;
  • buying a copy of the title deeds;
  • buying a copy for bank transfer fees to receive proceeds of the sale.

What searches do solicitors conduct when selling a house/property?

When selling your property, the majority of the searches are done by the buyer’s solicitors. Your conveyance solicitor provides information to potential buyers regarding the property and its energy efficiency performance. 

As a seller, you must maintain an insurance policy on the property till the date of completion. If there are tenants, they need to be moved out. You can also discuss what happens to them with the buyer once the property exchanges hands. 

These communications will be handled by your solicitor, on your behalf. Along with the legal transactions once contracts are complete. If you are trying to sell your property and need more information on our conveyancing services, contact Royce Legal Solicitors specialist team on (insert number).

What kind of things do I need to sort out on or after the completion of the sale?

The following may require your attention once completion is finalised:

  • Meter readings for utility companies,
  • change of address for your driving licence/passport/bank etc., 
  • cancellation of any related direct debits

Why choose Royce Legal Solicitors for selling your property?

Royce Legal is a leading firm, and we are passionate about delivering excellent results for all our clients. Our property lawyers are highly experienced experts who will ensure you are involved in the entire process. Our conveyancing service is competitively priced and transparent.  Whether it’s your first time selling property or the tenth, Royce Legal Solicitors is available to serve you. Contact us at 01706 655 592.