Car Accident Claims

Getting injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault makes you eligible to claim compensation. 

Car accidents are not limited to you driving a car, it includes passengers suffering from whiplash and collisions with pedestrians. Compensations cover injuries, medical expenses, anxiety, lost income, lost future potential income and other expenses related to a car accident. 

Time Limit to File For a Car Accident Claim 

You can claim if you were injured in the last three years and if someone else is to blame, even if they are partly responsible. In some cases, these two conditions do not apply to the individual, if so we recommend seeking legal advice. Royce Legal offers a free consultation. Our legally trained advisor will tell you where you stand in the situation. It does not mean that you are obligated to start a claim with us. 

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Car Accident?

The compensation for claims varies according to the situation and the type of accident. Pragmatically, no one car accident is the same. For an estimate of the compensation, you can claim for an injury, speak to one of our solicitors.

What Is Required When Claiming For A Car Accident?

Detailed information is crucial to accurately and swiftly assess your claim. The information pertains to circumstances of the accident, registration number, insurance details (of the blamed party), police case reference number and photos, videos and dashcam footage. Don’t panic if you don’t have all the information, once you contact one of our solicitors, our legal team will explain to you your legal rights on the information you can provide.