Passport Applications

The British passport is one of the world’s most influential passports. It offers visa-free access to 173 countries. If you are a British citizen by birth or have become one by registration or naturalisation of the British Nationality Law., you can apply for a British passport any time. Having a British passport is also the approval of your right to stay, live and work in the UK freely or any other country in Europe.

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Application for First British Passport

You can acquire a British Nationality status by three means: your birth in the UK, naturalisation or registration (hyperlink to specific pages). Applicants can apply from outside of the UK as well for their first British passport. An application from outside the UK can take up to six months. 

If the applicant is applying from inside the UK, a decision may take three to six weeks. 

Application for a British Passport for British Child Born Outside the UK

If you are a British citizen by descent and your child is born outside of the UK, your child will automatically be a British citizen by descent. You can apply for a passport outside of the UK by showing that you are a British citizen by descent, and so is your child as you passed on your British citizenship to them. 

Application for a British Passport after Naturalisation

You can apply for your first British Passport application after naturalisation as a British Citizen. It typically takes six weeks for the HMPO (Her Majesty’s Passport Office) to process the application after naturalisation. 

Renewal of British Passport

You can apply for renewal of the British Passport before or after the last one’s expiration date. If you are residing abroad (outside the UK), you can still apply for a renewal of the passport as it’s online. You can track your application online or after three weeks if you apply by post. 

How Can I Apply For a British Passport?

You can apply online or either through the post. Application forms for British Passport are available at your local post office. If you use the post office route, we recommend you use the Post Office Check and Send Service, otherwise it is cheaper to apply for a passport online. 

Eligibility for British Passport 

First and foremost, you must have British Nationality to apply for a British Passport. Having a nationality does not automatically guarantee you a passport if: 

  • If you have a record against you where you were suspected of a serious crime.
  • An arrest warrant had been issued in your name. 
  • You have a court order against you that restricts travel or stops you from having a British passport altogether. 
  • You are currently on Bail and therefore cannot leave the country.
  • The government brought you back to the UK at their own expense, and you have not repaid them.
  • You have an EU or UN order that restricts you from travelling. 

How Much Does a British Passport Application Cost? 

The current fixed fee for a British passport application paid to HM Passport Office (HMPO) is £75.50.

Passport Interviews

Now, all British adult passport applicants 16 or above have to attend the passport interviews. These interviews are honoured to help the Home Office in the verification and identification of the applicant and to reduce passports obtained fraudulently.  

Applicants will be sent a letter with the location of the office they must give their interview. The interview lasts 30 minutes and consists of questions pertaining to personal information only you know about. 

How Long Does It Take?

It typically takes three weeks to renew or replace a passport online. This time duration may vary for a First adult passport. You can apply for a passport, urgently, for travel or work purposes, or to prove your identity. 

What effect does Brexit have on my eligibility for a British passport?

Since Brexit, there has been no change in immigration rules affecting EU citizens’ eligibility to apply for a British Passport. It can change as the immigration law is going through changes following the UK’s official exit from the EU and Europe. 

How Can Royce Legal Help?

As leading Immigration lawyers, Royce Legal Solicitors have an unmatched reputation for British Passport Applications. We proudly provide advice and services according to your unique situation and aim to achieve a desirable outcome. We will make a professional assessment of your application and highlight and guide you throughout the process until you get a Decision from the HMPO. The casework will compromise of the following: 

  • Assess your eligibility for the British Passport on grounds of your nationality status.
  • Advise you on procedures, laws and requirements for your application, along with documents to be submitted with your British passport application. 
  • Complete your application form for the British passport application. 
  • Make a cover letter in support of your British Passport to the HMPO. 
  • After submission to the HMPO, we will liaise with the Home Office while your application is being considered. Rest assured you will be updated throughout the entire process. 

Our renowned solicitors have a boastful success rate for British Passport applications.  Give us a call or book an appointment today to get immigration advice and increase your chances of success by hiring us as representatives.