Sport Immigration

The UK has a diverse spot for elite-level sports. It is one of the top destinations for athletes, sporting professionals in a wide range of disciplines. Solicitors at Royce provide on clubs, coaches and sports persons or agents, on the complex UK immigration legislation and visas available to sports persons that want to visit or work in the UK. 

Who Can Apply For A Sportsperson Visa?

A Sports Visa is a Tier 2 visa, and you can apply for it with the following:

  • You are a qualified coach recognized by your governing sports body as being at the height of your professional level internationally. 
  • The sport’s governing body is sponsoring your visa application
  • Your employment in the UK will develop your sport to high levels.
  • You fulfil all the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for Sportsperson Visa Application:

  • You reside outside of Switzerland and the “European Economic Area.”
  • Your sponsor has provided you with a certificate of sponsorship reference number.
  • Your bank account shows an amount of £945 saved for ninety days. This amount is shown as proof that you can support yourself unless your sponsor already holds an A rating. Your sponsor will then take responsibility for your accommodation. 
  • Are familiar with the English language in terms of understanding, reading, writing and speaking it. 

You are required to apply for this visa three months before the date you are to begin working in the UK. Or (three months before) the going by date on the certificate of sponsorship. You will receive a decision 

on your application status within three weeks. 

What Is a Sponsorship Certificate?

A Sponsorship certificate or a certificate of sponsorship is a reference number that provides information about the applicants’ job position and personal details. The sponsor is made responsible to provide the sportsperson with a reference number alongside information to assist them in their application and the salary amount. The sponsor certificate needs to be submitted with the application. This certificate expires after three months from the date it was received by the applicant. 

Visa Extension for Sportsperson Visa Application

An extension for this visa can be applied which extends their stay in the UK for three years and fourteen days. Once the extension expires, they must leave the UK and “reapply” for the visa application again. It is only applicable under the following circumstances:

  • Their sponsorship certificate was valid for less than three months, and a year has passed since then.
  • Provide evidence that their gross yearly income is £155,300 or higher.

Furthermore, family members on their visa include children under 18, partners and children who turned 18 in the UK. They will need to apply for a visa extension if they wish to remain with them. 

How Royce Legal Solicitors Can Assist You in Your Sportsperson Visa Application?

The UK immigration law is complex and changes constantly. Similarly, the immigration rules vary for coaches and sports persons depending on their activities within the UK. Royce Legal Solicitors have immigration lawyers that provide expert advice. We can assist professional and amateur employers, sportspersons and event organisers across all aspects of sports immigration to ensure they can visit and undertake sporting activities with ease in the UK. Contact us for the right legal advice. We will ensure your application is successful the first time.