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    Being charged with even a minor offence can be a distressing ordeal because of the consequences and the emotional experience. As criminal defence solicitors, we aim to vigorously defend your rights to help obtain the best possible outcome.

    We deal with Criminal Cases at all levels. If you have been charged, you can count on Royce Legal Solicitors to get the best possible results.

    Criminal solicitors

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    In the first instance, you should have specialist criminal lawyers look into your case.

    Our criminal defence solicitors will know that the criminal defence strategy should focus on getting the best result that matters. It means sitting down and getting to know the facts as the client sees them and what they want, whether it's no police record, no conviction, or no prison.


    We take an active approach when advising our clients in the early stages of their case and spend time with them to fully understand their situation and needs.

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    Criminal defence solicitors
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    What does a criminal defence solicitor do?

    A criminal defence solicitor acts as an advisor. In defence cases, a criminal solicitor reviews and provides evidence. He creates and implements a defence strategy, and fights for a suitable punishment if applicable.

    The chief priority of a criminal solicitor in a defence case is to ensure a fair trial and strive for the best possible solution for the client (may it be acquittal or less punishment).
    There is no specific outline of what a criminal lawyer does because of the extensive nature of the profession and the enormity of criminal law. Nonetheless, a criminal defence lawyer aids one who is suspected or charged with a crime. They ensure that their legal rights are safeguarded, and they are given a fair trial to defend these accusations. Typical duties include:

    Representing defendants through all stages of criminal prosecution - from police investigations to advocacy in court. 

    Providing advice face to face or via telephonic calls. 

    A thorough analysis of documentation related to the offence - witness accounts, police and forensic reports and medical records, etc.

    Visiting defendants at prisons and police stations to communicate with them.

    Drafting of legal documents.

    Building a complete, accurate and compelling defence backed by research and planning of investigative matters for the defendant


    How much does a criminal defence lawyer cost in the UK?

    Every criminal case is different, and your legal defence lawyer at Royce Legal will provide you with a detailed quote once they’ve had the chance to examine your case. Defence costs will be based on a discussion with you when a plan of action will be agreed upon.
    We’ll offer you a contract that sets out forecasted costs and a timescale either under a fixed fee arrangement or hourly rates with a payment plan to suit you. We believe in transparency, and this way, we can offer you as much clarity as possible. If the dynamics of the case change due to new developments, we may ask you to revisit the agreement, but this is only on rare occasions.

    Who is the best criminal solicitor in the UK?

    Royce Legal is on its way to establishing itself as a criminal defence law firm. Our team of criminal defence solicitors is experienced and have the expertise to guide you through your situation. Criminal offences are serious accusations but rest assured that our team will treat you professionally and empathetically.
    Our criminal lawyers are proactive and have an excellent track record of successful defence outcomes. Whatever the offence you have been charged with, you can trust us to deal with it effectively.

    Call us at 01706 655 592 for a free consultation.

    Why choose a Criminal Defence lawyer

    Having a criminal case against you is a scary and unwanted experience. You can feel let down by police or lawyers, and it can challenge your belief in the legal system and at times it can feel like a hopeless time.

    Our criminal defence solicitors help clients on the path to getting their lives back on track. We're focused and committed to getting the best outcome for the client. We believe that you have a right to an expert criminal lawyer who will fight for you throughout the case.

    Emergency Defence Assistance

    We can see you at short notice, whether you are being held in custody or are on bail, and deal with complex trial issues, case preparation, sentencing hearings and appeals against conviction. Our criminal defence team provides you with everything you need, and are by your side from the time you are arrested through to acquittal or sentencing and appeals.

    Our emergency legal service is there if you need immediate assistance, and our team of in-house criminal experts provide you with a complete, criminal defence and litigation service from start to finish.

    Can I get legal aid for criminal defence in the UK?

    The eligibility criteria for legal aid entails that you provide evidence that you cannot afford legal costs and your problem is severe. The evidence includes details of your income, benefits, savings and property. 
    Nonetheless, arrested suspects are automatically entitled to free legal advice from a criminal defence lawyer. Likewise, some defendants may not be eligible for Legal Aid, especially if the case goes to a Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court.
    Defendants with an income of £12,475 (or less) are always eligible for Legal Aid in criminal cases. However, defendants with higher income will have to apply for Legal Aid. In case they are turned down for legal aid. You can ask for a review. 
    Furthermore, when giving legal aid, the agency will consider the merits of the case including, the nature of the offence, if the sentence is custodial and the previous conviction record of the defendant. 


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