Juvenile & Youth Crime

As a part of our expertise in Criminal Defence services we also advise juveniles (individuals under 18 years of age) undergoing investigation for a criminal offence. Juveniles are prosecuted in the youth court. 

For the defendant and their parents, this is a challenging and stressful experience. Royce Legals crime defence solicitors will guide you through the process and present the best defence to persuade authorities to not go through with prosecution.  

Our Lawyers have dealt with youths facing investigation and prosecution on several offences such as drugs, assault, sexual offences, theft GBH and fraud. Our successful record of diverting prosecutions for the young has helped build a loyal repertoire with our clients.

Young People and Crime 

Children under the Age Of 10 

In England and Wales, the age of criminal responsibility is age 10. Meaning that a child under the age of 10 cannot be arrested or charged with a crime. Instead, they are given a “local child curfew” or a “child safety order.” For parents with children under 10 that regularly commit crimes, penalties are handed out to them instead. 

Youths in the Age Range of 10 to 17 

Children in this particular age range are classed as youth legally. Youths can commit crimes and therefore be arrested or charged with a crime. If you find that your child is facing youth crime allegations, please get in touch with our Criminal Defence Team at the earliest possible. 

The consequences of being charged with a youth crime are serious as they have a ripple effect on the young person’s choices later in life (due to the conviction). Children in this age range are treated differently than adults in the criminal justice system. They are dealt with in youth courts with different sentences. Likewise, they are sent to a special detention centre rather than adult prisons. 

Youths Aged 18 Or Above 

Youths, aged 18 or above, are treated as adults by the law. If sent to prison, it is a specified secure centre rather than an adult prison. 

The Youth Court and Trials 

A youth court is the magistrates’ court that has the jurisdiction to try juveniles. It has a district judge or a bench of 2-3 lay magistrates which must compromise a man and woman both (unless there are unforeseen circumstances). The individuals of the youth court are specially trained in dealing with young people. 

The youth court is not open to the public. Victims of the crime can request to attend the hearings if they wish. The needs of the victims are the courts first priority. With the Youth Offending Team, they get a chance to give their input in the sentencing process.

If the child is under the age of 16, the court requires a parent or guardian to attend the court (if not unreasonable). If the child is in the age range of 16-18, the court may decide if parents/guardians can attend or not. 

How Can Royce Legal Help In Juvenile And Youth Crimes?

Youth crimes are tricky and challenging to navigate. Our team of specialist youth crime solicitors can help guide your child and you through this legal process and provide you with the best course of action according to your specific circumstances. Please contact us at your earliest possible on 01706 655 592